In the Abyss: Commentary and News



If you want to read a bunch of regurgitated “news” that Variety or EW
printed about how a horror film’s release date was changed to “TBA,” you
can leave now.  There are four or five other sites who are happy to reprint
it for you and make it sound like they just gave you world-shattering
“news” that they dug up. You know where to find them, so feel free to
enjoy their “work.”




If you’re looking for commentary on the genre that means something,
you’ve come to the right place.  Here at Death Ensemble, we don’t want to
waste our time cutting and pasting while we could be writing material of
value;  and even more importantly, we don’t want to insult you, our faithful
readers.  We want you to be challenged and entertained, to hear
authentic dialogue, commentary and ideas that will get you thinking.  If this
sounds like your cup of tea, we know our commentary and news section
will please.


We’re here to serve you, the horror faithful.  So let us know what you’re
interested in hearing about, and chime in on how we’re doing.


Now it’s time to start crushing some skulls.



Here’s where we make our hallowed point.


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