CUJO Runs the Monster-Mania Yard




CUJO fans can get this signed at MM
CUJO fans can get this signed at MM




I get more than a little annoyed when it comes to conventions touting reunions.  Collecting a bunch of talent from a movie or horror series sounds great on the surface, but once I look under the hood, it’s not always such a great idea.  The Walking Dead is the perfect example.  I don’t need to see four to eleven cast members every show I attend, and that’s about what’s been the case the last three years.  Then, because fans keep coming, Background Zombie #33 and Latino Prisoner Who Gets Killed 20 Minutes into His First Episode start showing up on the scene, in what is a cash grab.  Plus, the word “reunion” shouldn’t apply to a movie less than 10 years old, most certainly not to a series that is still on television.  The whole concept grows stale, and after a while, the appeal fizzles for me.  But once in a while, a fresh reunion hits the scene and catches my interest.  And one is taking place at Monster-Mania this weekend, as Dom Mancini has brought together a CUJO reunion that has me jazzed.




The lovely Dee Wallace
The lovely Dee Wallace



For those of you who read my CUJO review, you’ll know the film has a special place in my heart.  Its source material is Stephen King’s novel, the first adult novel I ever read.  I’ve always had an affinity for dogs, and watching a tortured St. Bernard go thermonuclear is a terrifying ordeal, once the flick gets rolling.  Added to the mix is Hell of Fame inductee Dee Wallace, my favorite horror actress who plays a mother fighting back for her child better than any other.




Teague’s caption says it all



So there’s all that, and there’s also director Lewis Teague.  The driving force behind CUJO also made King’s CAT’S EYE, and the silly but fun John Sayles-penned ALLIGATOR.  He is the only director of record who’s directed both James Woods and a monster reptile.  Though his horror output isn’t huge, it’s certainly of interest.




Trentons, reunite



Two people don’t make a reunion, though.  There’s also Danny Pintauro, who’s more famous for his role on Who’s the Boss.  Discussing Alyssa Milano and Tony Danza with him should make for great conversation.  Add another TV vet, Daniel Hugh Kelly of Hardcastle and McCormick fame, and you have all the major human players with us.  I thank Dom for not bringing along a St. Bernard for effect.




Christopher Stone will be missed



It’s a shame that Christopher Stone passed many years ago, as I know he would have made a great addition to the mix, and probably would have had a ball in doing so.


I rarely travel to South Jersey, and I’m not a big supporter of Monster-Mania.  But I’ll take the trip this weekend.  It will be a great time for me.  I know this, because it’s a great time anytime I get to reunite with Dee Wallace.  As for reunions, join me at MM this time around.  This is a reunion that hasn’t been milked to death, and I promise you, if you love 80s TV, Dee or alligators, you can’t go wrong here.


-Phil Fasso

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