Slayer Imploded My Inbox



Slayer live in 2013. Stock photo.



It was a shock to me when I went to my inbox at Gmail yesterday and found a message from Slayer’s website.  The message’s title sent that familiar thrill/dread through my system that only Slayer can deal.  It read, “Get a Free Download of Implode.”


Holy smokes.  A new Slayer song.


Slayer last put out new material in 2009, with the release of their album World Painted Blood..  in the five years since, guitarist Jeff Hanneman has died and they’ve fired drummer Dave Lombardo.  Sure, they’ve continued to be warhorses on the road, touring with Gary Holt standing in for Hanneman and former Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph pounding the skins on tour.  But I’ve been dying for new material since, especially since Kerry King and Tom Araya have discussed a new album since 2010.


Well, one download into Hell, and I was South of Heaven all over again.


“Implode” is typical Slayer fare.  It tackles the fiery end of the world, faithlessness in religion, and all the demons and devils they could pack into 3 minutes and 53 seconds.  And it includes some blistering guitar solos from King.  It doesn’t break any new ground for the band;  in fact, their “world is a mess begging to be destroyed” songs go back as far as the South of Heaven album with the title song.  But who cares?  I love Nathaniel Hawthorne despite his limited themes, so if Slayer continues to give me songs about violence, death, war and serial killers, I’m up for it.


At this point, I’m happy the band hasn’t imploded.  According to this Rolling Stone article, they’re on track to record a new album.  Given all the turmoil within the band, it’s awesome that the reconfigured lineup will be back in the studio, even if long time guru Rick Rubin won’t be with them.


I always kind of fear my website’s going to implode when I cover Slayer.  After all, I know their Reign in Blood album made a Teddy Ruxpin explode.  But I’d be remiss if I didn’t give you a video with lyrics of the song below.  Enjoy your trip, and know that Hell awaits.






-Phil Fasso

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