Hell Hath No Fury: Billie Whitelaw




Mrs. Baylock, protector of evil



Ed. note- Like the third of those three evil 6’s, Nicole rounds out her evil trilogy of Hell Hath No Fury entries with Billie Whitelaw.  You can’t get any badder than Satan’s maternal protector.  Check out Nicole’s vicious entries on Clare Higgins and Kathy Bates, as we Ave Satani with Mrs. Baylock.- P.F.


Satan.  Lucifer.  Beelzebub.  The Devil.  He is known by many names and he comes in many forms.  We’ve seen him wreak havoc in movies like THE EXORCIST, THE SENTINEL, ROSEMARY’S BABY and so many others.  We have also seen his disciples help him out along the way, and in most cases these minions take human form.  Such is the case with the third installment in my female villains in horror series.
I first saw THE OMEN when I was a teenager.  Movies about the devil coming to earth have always terrified me, and THE OMEN was no exception.  A five year old Antichrist, dogs from hell, and the music alone were enough to make the hair on the back of my neck stand up.  But there is one element that really holds this terrifying classic together for me.  Billie Whitelaw as Mrs. Baylock.



A kind face masks Baylock’s evil intentions



She enters the movie as a loving and caring nanny for Damien.  But we soon discover that she is working for the devil as a protector for the Antichrist.  Her first meeting with Damien is epic, and when she first sees him we witness the fierceness in her eyes.



The eyes of maternal evil



What I love about this character is that not only is she evil, but her loyalty is astounding.  Despite being a disciple of the devil, she has a strong maternal nature.  She risks, and eventually gives, her life to protect this child. And that is the main reason why I love her character!




Thorn and Baylock struggle for life and death


I was actually a little disappointed when Mrs. Baylock was killed.  Her devotion and loyalty made me respect her, despite the cause, and I saw her as just a  little bit of a heroine.  The final shot of Damien at the funeral, turning around and giving that slight smile, would have been more powerful if the hand he was holding was Mrs. Baylock’s.  Because after all, she told him herself, “Have no fear little one, I am here to protect thee.”  Apparently she dropped the ball on that one.


-Nicole Fiss


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