Happy Birthday, Will Keenan!



Keenan’s a daring auteur, and it’s his birthday!



If you have any love for Death Ensemble, you know the name Will Keenan.  You’ve heard me describe him as “edgy,” “brilliant,” “an auteur”…  and today I can describe him as a birthday boy!


Whether he’s portraying the first hermaphrodite killer on screen, an outer space greaser or a guilty man who’s about to lose a lot of digits, Will puts his all on the screen, 125% every time he acts.  From his beginnings at Troma through his last role in the black-and-white musical bonanza THE GHASTLY LOVE OF JOHNNY X, Will has triumphed in being one of the most daring actors in the history of film.  He’s a true credit to the silver screen, and also an inductee to the Hell of Fame, DE’s highest honor.


Will’s moved on to work as an executive at Endemol, bringing daring acts to Youtube and the web.  Some of his people just won awards at this year’s Streamy’s.  It’s a shame that he’s not doing much acting, but it’s great that a man with such grand vision can press forward and bring edgy entertainment to the masses.


But more than his accomplishments, this is about Will Keenan’s birthday.  The IMDB doesn’t list his age, but that’s ok, as I prefer to think of Keenan as forever young.  He’s also a gracious guy, who was kind enough to grant me a wild interview a year and a half ago.  That chat was one of the highlights of running Death Ensemble.


Happy Birthday, Will!  Thank you for bringing so much brilliant entertainment into my life.   May you enjoy this birthday and many more!


-Phil Fasso



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