PIECE BY PIECE: ESPN’s John Clayton, Slayer Fan!!!!!






An ESPN promotional video in which Hall of Fame football journalist John Clayton reveals that he’s got a life as a headbanging Slayer fan outside of sports.





31 seconds:  13 straightlaced seconds, 18 SLAYERRRRR seconds.



The body:


The promo starts off with ESPN anchor Neil Everett stating that John Clayton is the consummate pro.  It cuts to Clayton wrapping up a conversation with another anchor about NFL defenses.  Cut to what is supposed to be a behind-the-scenes of Clayton as he sports the top half of a sports coat, dress shirt and tie, and dons blue jeans.  He rips off the suit setup to reveal the band name “SLAYER” boldly emblazoned on his t-shirt in red.  He’s in his bedroom, the walls covered in metal posters, including one of the cover of Reign in Blood.  Everett again praises Clayton;  back to Clayton’s bedroom, and he does a spinning leap onto his bed.  Generic metal music plays as Clayton gets ready to eat Chinese food out of a carton with chopsticks, and yells, “Hey Mom!  I’m done with my segment!”  The ESPN logo appears at the bottom of the screen, above it “This is SportsCenter.”





Plainly put:  AWESOME!!!  ESPN has been running these humorous commercials for years, involving mascots, coaches and players (memorably, Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo as a receptionist).  Taking the nerdy Clayton and transforming him into a headbanger ready to mosh away to Slayer is a stroke of twisted genius.  Credit Clayton for playing along and lampooning his image.  The man is an award winning journalist who’s in the NFL Hall of Fame.  I would take a perverse joy in it if I found out Clayton actually loves Slayer.  Including the cover for DE Hell of Fame inductee Reign in Blood shows an impeccable attention to detail, and completes the ad’s brilliance.






Cause of death-  Dude, you can’t kill Slayer.  And so you can’t kill Clayton for his whimsical play on his image.


Interment instructions-  Follow your viewing of the body by watching Kerry King’s reaction in the second clip.  A truly evil writer and shredder on his axe will laugh along with you at the ad.




View the body




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4 Responses to PIECE BY PIECE: ESPN’s John Clayton, Slayer Fan!!!!!

  1. sebtanic says:

    I wonder how many outwardly serious looking “business people” types actually wear Slayer shirts under their suits and ties ;)

  2. Chuckie says:

    SLAYER and football, what could be better!!!

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