Chiller Reveals Its Opening Lineup for April ’13, or, I Really Want to Interview Judith O’Dea





If you read my last con report on Chiller’s October ’12 show, you’ll understand that I have reservations about my favorite show.  And also that, no matter my reservations, I anxiously await the biannual day on which Chiller reveals its opening lineup for the next show.  Today was that day for the April show, and I have to admit, I’m jazzed about it.  Already there are a few guests I’d like to meet.




Judith O’Dea then…




But even more importantly, Judith O’Dea of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD will be there.  And I’m all het up at the possibility of interviewing her.


First, though, let’s talk guest list.  There’s a good number of horror folks mixed in with some more mainstream celebrities here.  Full Empire will have Stephen Macht from GRAVEYARD SHIFT at the show, and Kevin Van Hentenryck from the BASKETCASE movies will also appear.  Barry Bostwick from THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, Spin City and most recently, the funny FDR: AMERICAN BADASS is on the list;  as is Kay Lenz, William Katt’s co-star in HOUSE and William Holden’s in BREEZY.  John Amos, famous for GOOD TIMES makes the list too, and I can’t wait to discuss his role on THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW as Gordy the weather man.  Robert McNaughton, who played the older brother in E.T. will make the show, and there will be a SQUIRM reunion with director Jeff Lieberman and Patricia Pearcy.




…and Judith now



All of that is pretty sweet.  But it pales in comparison to Judith O’Dea being on the opening day list.  I’ve wanted to interview Judith for a long time—in fact, she’s topped my list (okay, George Romero’s at top, but at this point, he’s still inaccessible).  I’m trying to work some angles and see what I can do to get this done at Chiller.  I guess I’ll never really run Romero out of my system, as long as Death Ensemble is mine to run.  Judith is a lovely woman, and I can’t wait to discuss Barbra with her again, and find out what it was like to work with George on his very first film.


Chiller’s off to a strong start.  Check back for guest announcements as we come closer to the convention.


-Phil Fasso

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