David Schmoeller- Of Dolls, Mannequins and Little Monsters (Audio)



David at work in a script read



David Schmoeller is the only director I know who can claim to have worked with mannequins, puppets, Chuck Connors and an Italian producer who wanted to kill Klaus Kinski for insurance money.  He’s also a talented filmmaker who’s worked in a number of genres, including comedy, straight drama and, most important to Death Ensemble fans, horror.




Surprise: Schmoeller doesn’t kill Kinski





The writer/director of TOURIST TRAP, PUPPETMASTER and CRAWLSPACE was kind enough to chat with me over the phone from his office at UNLV to discuss his long career.



Click>>David discusses all his little monsters<<<here



Famous films of David’s



My apologies that technical problems made it take much longer than it should have to get the interview posted.  For you horror fans, enjoy listening to our chat.


-Phil Fasso


Special thanks to Dominic Mancini and Full Empire Productions.


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