Heather Langenkamp- On Nancy and More (Audio)




Heather as she looks now



In the lore of slasher flicks and movie maniacs, Heather Langenkamp is unique.  She portrayed Nancy in Wes Craven’s A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, and did the role justice.  While all the bubble headed bimbos in other slashers spend their time running away, Nancy is proactive, she’s intelligent and she goes on the offensive against every horror fan’s worst nightmare, Freddy Krueger.  Nancy’s an iconic character.


And Heather’s a great human.  She was gracious enough to speak with me today at the Chiller show, and she shares many of her famous character’s noble traits:  kindness, a keen intellect, and an inner toughness.  In our interview, she discusses why Nancy is such an endearing and enduring character, network TV, playing a fallen Olympic hero, and her husband’s work on Zach Snyder’s remake of DAWN OF THE DEAD.


Listen to Heather discuss Nancy and more here:






Freddy and his worst nightmare, Nancy




Thanks so much, Heather, for bringing an iconic female to the world of horror, and for your kindness in spending a few minutes to talk with me today for your many fans at Death Ensemble.




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