The Great Return to Icons of Fright (and Why I Should Never Say Never)



Now there’s a familiar name…


29 days ago, I started off this month by telling you faithful Death Ensemble followers that I would be making my return to Icons of Fright.  That was April Fool’s Day, and so some of you might not have believed me, even though I stated this was no joke.  There was one point a few years back where I swore I would never have anything to do with Icons of Fright again.  I’ve maintained my friendship with Mike Cucinotta over the years, but I’ve made no bones about it that DE was the only website I cared about.


But times change, and so do people.  I hold no ill will against the people at Icons, most of whom weren’t around during my three-year tenure at the site.  Their new editor Jerry seems like a nice enough guy.  He and his writers have taken Icons of Fright in one direction, and I’ve taken DE on its own course.


Those courses converged when I realized the Hell of Fame was an idea I’d originally conceived for Icons.  So it’s with great pleasure that I send you over to Icons of Fright for the debut of our latest Hell of Fame inductee, King Kong.  In two weeks, Kong will take his place in Hell here at DE, but for the next 14 days, he’s an Icons of Fright exclusive.


After all these years, it was nice to get an invite to write for Icons of Fright.  In return, I’ve extended an open invitation to any of the Icons staff to write a piece for DE.  I doubt any of them will take me up on it, but they’re welcome.  If it gets a little cross-pollination going for our respective audiences, that’s not a terrible thing.  If nothing else comes of it, it sure was interesting.


Icons of Fright was where I started my, ahem, career in, ahem, internet journalism.  I’ve moved on and evolved my horror perspectives for DE now, but that retro feeling I got writing for Icons after all these years was nice.  As Icons and DE go their separate ways, it was a joy that, for just one day, they could converge and put out something wonderful.


-Phil Fasso

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