John Amplas Week at Death Ensemble

John Amplas Week at Death Ensemble



John Amplas


The last few years, John Amplas has become a popular staple on the convention circuit.  I met him at his very first show, a HorrorHound in Monroeville, PA back in the summer of 2008.  And as John was nice enough to inform me a few months back at Monster-Mania, I’ve attended nearly ever convention at which he’s been a guest.  I’ll be meeting him again, this June 3-5 at Saturday Nightmares.  If you missed out on last year’s SN show or have never met John Amplas, you need to do both in two weeks.




To promote both an excellent convention and a great guest, we’re hosting John Amplas Week here at Death Ensemble.  Look in the coming week for reviews of his movies;  a peek at what he’s been up to lately;  and a brief career retrospective.  You can also listen to the interview he was kind enough to grant me at the last Saturday Nightmares show, and read my review of that fun event.  And next Saturday, check out Death Ensemble for a very special honor we’ll bestow the actor.  You won’t want to miss it.


Amplas as the vampire Martin


John Amplas is an underrated actor, a real talent at his craft, and a genuinely nice guy.  Check out his website, as it’ll give you an inside look on the man.  Definitely purchase your tickets to Saturday Nightmares here, and if you haven’t already, make sure to meet John.  You’ll enjoy it.  And I promise, he won’t bite.


-Phil Fasso

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